Blog is moved to the new platform + New agenda + Status update

With this post I am proclamating another attempt to bring this blog to life :)

Why now?

Well, few reasons for that:

  • I need a place to practice my English writing skills (sorry for all the spelling; grammar, ect errors);
  • I feel like I have something to say;
  • There are some changes in my life - I moved to another country - which might be interesting and useful to document, even just for myself;
  • Why not?

What will change?

Not much. I want to believe that I will post more often, but, maybe, with less words.

No agenda for blog anymore. I will just throw in anything what will be in my head at the moment. Coding, lifestyle, sport, crazy ideas, politics, photos, links, reviews, tips, etc…. I expect a lot of trash, but hopefully sometimes I will be able to post something useful or interesting.

Status update

I have moved to Australia (from Latvia) 9 months ago.

I have a new job - software developer at Atlassian.

Some technical details about blog

Blog is still hosted on Github pages, but now is based on Jekyll (I am using

Previously I generated blog using static blog generator I wrote myself.

I am still thinking where to wtite blog posts. Right now I am using Seems OK, but grammarly does not work :(

And I still have to migrate my old blog posts. Should be easy as they are written in Markdown.

Final thoughts

OK, too much words already. It is time to go to the gym. See you next time!

Written on April 3, 2018