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Meet a little Raspberry PI 05-05-2014

Raspberry PI


Please welcome the little Raspberry PI:

Little raspberry pi

This is a tiny but capable computer, which costs something around 35$.

Of course, to make it even more awesome and useful you will need to buy WIFI dongle and at least 4 GB SD card.

WIFI dongle for raspberry pi and SD card

Usually SD card is not a problem and every normal geek has several of them just lying somewhere on the table.

Tip If you are not a geek, or you think you are not a geek, then just take a SD card from your girlfriend’s camera.

WIFI dongle can be bought for another 20$.

To make an initial setup you probably also will need:

  • HDMI cable;

  • TV (or smtng to connect HDMI cable to);

  • USB keyboard;

  • microUSB cable for charging.

raspberry pi ready to go
Figure 1. Yes I have a Samsung TV and my keyboard requires some cleaning :)

OK. Now you have all the parts. What next? What you can do with this PI?

Obviously, the first thing which comes to mind - let’s make a media server, a box which can be attached to TV and which will play videos from Internet or local video library.

But this is a story for another post.

Stay tuned!