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Inline skating in 2016 02-01-2017

inline skating

In December 2015 I wrote a blog post dedicated to my new hobbie - inline skating. Now, a year after that, I think, it is a time to document my progress.

According to Endomondo I rolled 830 km in 2016 (actually, I believe this number is bigger in reality, because sometimes I forgot to start the app).

Skating statistics in 2016

Occasionally I post some images to twitter during skating - so, make sure you follow me there.

My resolutions for 2016 were:

  • Confident on streets

  • Confident one leg balancing

  • > 20 km/h average speed on trace

  • Jumps

  • Power-slide

  • Basic back forward

  • Basic low speed tricks (spinning, turning, changing direction, etc…)

And I am happy to say, that almost everything from this list is completed (and even more!).

My power-slide still is far from perfect, but I am working on it. I am very confident on streets. Actually, during last year I skated thru my town in all directions. And it was so much fun, that I almost totally abandoned skating on the trail. With this, my average speed dropped, of course, but who cares?! I understand now, that speed is not the most exciting part.

Also I learned how to jump - this really openned streets for me. One leg balancing also became much better - I can skate on one leg for at least 20 meters (maybe more).

I learned and mastered spinning around - now I use this technique all the time when I need to stop at low speeds.

My back forwards are not that good, but I learned the basics. Will continue to work on that this year.

In general, I am very satisfied with the results. Probably, I could learn new stuff faster - but I take it slow to limit injuries possibilities. I even think to start wearing a helmet next season. Because, you know, I fall very rarely now, but more painfully - the speed is bigger now and I skate in places not really meant for that.

Few months ago I started to skate in local skate park - a lot of lessons learned there.

Skate park in Daugavpils

In my previous post I mentioned, that maybe I will try to film some skating videos. And I did - welcome youtube channel "Life on 8 wheels"

Life on 8 wheels youtube channel

Right now I have 13 videos. A little bit more than 10 subscribers and almost 500 views in total. I experimented a lot with format, content, length, etc… So this is still work in progress and channel may change. Anyway, I think, I will continue to do small (5-10 min) videos from my skating sessions in 2017. So, please, subscribe!

The weather in December was awful for inline skating and I decided to try ice skating. After few trips to local Ice Stadium and skating in rental skates, I decided that I should proceed and get my own skates. But instead of ice skates I bought ice blades for my inline skates at https://www.proskatersplace.com.

Ice blades

And I must say that the result is very good - I do not feel the difference comparing with ordinal ice skates. But I feel much more comfortable in my inline skates and also it is easier to put them on.

I am very happy with ice skating as temporal replacement for inline during the winter. Now almost daily I go to local open ice rink.

Ice rink in Daugavpils

I am looking forward to 2017. Probably I will upgrade my current skates to better ones. Will skate and create videos more. So see ya in the next skating season!